Our cottages

Our small bungalowpark exists of seven cottages, of which three are free-standing and two are non-detached cottages which are suited for five to six persons. The other two cottages are non-detached and suitable for two persons. All separate bungalows have their own unique character.

The complete equipped bungalows consist of a living room with a tv, wireless internet services and a radio-cd player; an open kitchen provided with a microwave or oven; one our two bedrooms including duvets and pillows; a bathroom with a washbasin and a toilet.

On your private terrace, you can make use of the patio Furniture and a barbecue. You can park your car directly next to the bungalow at your private parking area.



Cottage 1


Cottage 2


Cottage 3 & 4


Cottage 5


Cottage 6 & 7



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